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619bgeW3G9L._SL1500_Breathable Pet Travel Poke Ball Backpack

Revolutionary unique Window design: transparent cover with a good view, breathable replaceable mesh panel, makes the bag cute, fashion. Small pets such as small cats and dogs can be easy to keep in carriers

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710GSp6WnqL._SL1000_16 Feet Digital Tape Measure 

This is the best tape measure I have ever owned! The digital aspect of it makes taking measurements so much easier! When I have to measure corners, I am able to switch the setting so that the measurement is taken from the back of the tape-measure. Definitely see the video of the tape-measure in use prior to purchasing. It shows all the great ways this tape measure can be used.


Star Wars Nerf Han Solo Blaster

For anyone interested in the shooting capability of this gun, we have tested it. It holds 4 darts (which are provided) and has quite a bit of power behind each shot. We like that the style and shape is fairly accurate but not movie realistic because in this day and age, a “real” looking gun could easily cause more headache than it’s worth.