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uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer – Stainless Steel

What can I say? This is is amazing. It keeps my beer cold and well carbonated. Fits perfectly on the fridge door. One of my friends even had some flat beer. I was able to force carbonate the flat beer quite easily after it cooled back down. (Colder the liquid, the less pressure you need to carbonate it.)


One Dog One Bone Pool

This bone-shaped pool is cute, and it’s true that it’s made from heavy truck bed liner material. I have two 140+ pound Newfoundlands. This bone shaped dog pool fits both of my giant dogs (if they are both sitting or one could lay down while the other is sitting) and has a drain to make cleaning the pool easier.


Star Wars Nerf Han Solo Blaster

For anyone interested in the shooting capability of this gun, we have tested it. It holds 4 darts (which are provided) and has quite a bit of power behind each shot. We like that the style and shape is fairly accurate but not movie realistic because in this day and age, a “real” looking gun could easily cause more headache than it’s worth.